15 students in Palawan allegedly possessed by an evil spirit

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  • A group of schoolchildren in Palawan were allegedly
    possessed after they saw an evil spirit of a bloodied
  • The affected children were immediately rushed to a
    Catholic church
  • All classes in the school were suspended

Fifteen students of a Palawan school (the name of which remains
anonymous) were rushed to a Catholic church to drive away the
evil spirit that “possessed” them in the middle of their class.

Vicente Tamanyo, the school’s principal, told Dobol B sa
News TV
that at first, only two students behaved
erratically; claiming they saw the spirit of a bloodied woman.

But after a while more students purportedly started to behave
strangely, including the principal’s son, so they were
immediately taken to a church to seek assistance from the
priests and for the students to be prayed over.

Parents, teachers and guardians find it alarming and eerie that
the students have claimed that a certain spirit wanted to get
close to them. Moreover, the students were speaking a strange

The affected children also reportedly exhibited unique strength
while being “possessed”; something that’s quite unusual.

And because school officials and the catholic priests must
first obtain the parents’ permissions before the tranquilizers
could be used, they decided to send the students home instead.

All classes were dismissed to avoid similar occurences within
the day.

According to a
video interview
by Palawan Star to a school official posted
on February 8, similar incidents regularly happen in the
province. What could be the root of the incidents?

The authorities are investigating the cases.

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