5 things you need to know about Catriona Gray

The moment Catriona Gray won the coveted
crown of the Miss Universe 2018, people all
over the online world couldn’t help themselves but about her!
Filipinos and beauty pageant aficionados have been raving
about her non-stop.

As of now, she’s the fourth Philippine candidate to ever win
the Miss Universe title following Pia
(2015), Margie Moran
(1973), and Gloria Diaz (1969).

Now that Catriona Gray has finally conquered the world, the
universe rather. It’s time to know more about her. Here are
some of the interesting facts you might want to know about her:

Netizens discover Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray won Little
Miss Philippines in 1999

Miss World and Miss Universe


She might not have ruled the world, but Catriona Gray has
successfully conquered the universe! And that’s what makes it
important to her and to all Filipinos out there!

Although she didn’t win the Miss World title in 2016, Catriona
Gray made a strong comeback in the international beauty pageant
scene after winning the crown of the Miss Universe 2018 crown
in Bangkok, Thailand.

Little Miss Philippines

Even when she was a little girl, it seems like Catriona Gray is
already destined to be a certified beauty queen in the future.

To those who haven’t heard it yet, she joined the Little Miss
Philippines 1998 in Sydney, Australia.

The wonderful answer that probably got Catriona Gray the Miss
Universe crown

The Artsy Beauty Queen

Surely, the newly crowned Miss Universe 2018 isn’t just beauty
and brains. She’s also a talented woman who knows how to dance,
sing, and draw! Now that’s you call a multitalented. A complete

Catriona Gray: The Model

Before she even competed in various beauty pageants in the
Philippines, Catriona Gray has already created a name for
herself as a print and commercial model.


A Warrior Queen

Who said that a beauty queen doesn’t know how to defend herself
physically? For your information, Catriona Gray is a certified
martial artist. At the age of 8, she started training in the
martial arts. By the age of 12, she already earned her black
belt in Choi Kwang Do!

Aside from that, Catriona Gray is also a true advocate of
various causes. including the fight for social justice,
inequality, and youth advocacy.

This girl is on fire! Look at the Mayon-inspired evening gown
that Catriona Gray wore to win it all!

Source: KAMI PH | Cosmopolitan Philippines |
Star Style
Image Source: 1 – 15 Instagram

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