50 people injured in Austrian train accident

Image via Hans
Schrama’s Twitter Account

  • In the Austrian city of Salzburg, an investigation
    was launched after two trains collided
  • Around 54 people were injured during the
    collision’  apparently caused by falling

An investigation is underway after two trains collided at the
central railway station in the Austrian city of Salzburg.

According to local media, a pushing locomotive was hooked
to a train that followed the Zurich-Vienna route, when
it crashed into a passenger train.

According to the spokesman for Austrian Federal
Railways (ÖBB), Robert Mosser, most of the passengers
were asleep during the incident. Presumably, the
injuries were apparently caused by falling objects. Around 54
people suffered minor injuries, reports said.

A large number of rescue workers were deployed in the scene,
including volunteers from Red Cross.

Injured people from both trains were brought to hospitals.
The engine driver also needed medical assistance.

Both trains were carrying around 240 passengers.

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