Before and after: See how Billy-Coleen’s wedding venue transformed

Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia had one request to their
wedding planners: that the decorations match the sea behind
them as they
exchanged vows

And up to the task of achieving the desired motif was renowned
event stylist Gideon Hermosa, who told
that they took inspiration from one of the world’s most
beautiful coastlines, the French Riviera, for the overall

Hermosa, who co-planned the event with La Belle Fete, said they
used mainly 3 colors: powder blue, lavender and lilac to fit
the couple’s specific tastes. He added that they had to import
more than 45,000 flowers from Asia, Africa, and Europe for the

The stunning before-and-after shots of the venue, which played
hosts to one of the most memorable weddings this year, were
captured by Hermosa on his Instagram page. Check it out below:

A screenshot of Billy and Coleen’s wedding venue before
Gideon Hermosa and his team applied their touches.
Photo originally taken by Pep

A stunning after photo showed just how different it
looked. Photo credit: Metrophoto

A shot from above showing the transformation the venue
went through for Billy and Coleen’s wedding. Photo
credit: La Belle Fete

A peek at the reception, which shows the other flowers
used for the wedding. Photo credit:

The wedding was held at Costa Del Sol of the Balesin Island
resort. Below is a quick video tour of the venue: 

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