Biggest Joke of All Time? MMFF 2018 entry “Fantastica” earns harsh criticisms in viral movie review

Vice Ganda’s “Fantastica” saw box-office success since
the opening of this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival.
Unsurprisingly, it became the top-grossing film among its seven
competitors in the cinemas. Although it was well-received by
the general public, “Fantastica” failed to capture everyone’s
heart with its notable cast and Vice’s comedy.

Facebook page dedicated a lengthy review for the
comedian’s MMFF 2018 entry, and it received nothing but insults
and criticisms. The movie review turned viral as netizens also
voiced out their own piece.

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Here are the revolutionary comments from the page

With all the green jokes, why rated PG?

Vice is known for spewing green jokes and creating
sensually-referenced comedic spiel that will make the
dirty-minded laugh. This surely reflected on the film which
apparently has a character named  Aling Fec Fec. With
this, the netizen called out MTRCB for giving it a PG rating as
it was “unfit for children”.

Filled with fillers and useless scenes

The almost two-hour film will end up with a 15-minute
duration if all the unnecessary scenes will be deleted, as what
the page owner suggested. For him, it was the result of the
no-brainer preparation made.

Poor making of the film

The actors and crew all contribute to the outcome of the
film during the production, However, the page admin claimed
that “Fantastica” helplessly failed in all aspects of what
makes a movie good. Starting from the set, costumes, action
scenes, drama scenes, script, CGI, and up to the acting of the

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Politics in MMFF?

Controversies and issues have been raining over MMFF’s
parade for the past years. Some of the questionable yearly
happenings are the pulling out of low-earning entries from
theaters. Moreover, the alleged special treatment to
high-grossing films by giving it extra cinemas.

Since it’s posting on December 28, the post garnered
reactions from other netizens.

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SOURCE: Facebook
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