Boy “lays” two eggs in front of baffled doctors

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  • A teenage boy laid two eggs in front of baffled
  • The boy claimed to have laid a total of 20 eggs
    since 2016
  • Doctors suspect the boy shoved the eggs up his

A teenage boy in Indonesia has left doctors baffled after he
laid not just one, but two eggs in front of them.

As per
International Business Times
, the bizarre case of
14-year-old Akmal from Gowa, Indonesia has baffled doctors
after he claimed to have laid a total of 20 eggs since 2016.

Akmal has been x-rayed and doctors found an egg sitting in
his bum.

Medical experts said it is impossible for an egg to develop
inside the human body and suspects the boy shoved them inside

Syekh Yusuf Hospital is putting the boy into quarantine for a
week, during which time it would be unlikely for the teenager
to shove eggs up his rectum.

“Our suspicion is that the eggs were deliberately shoved into
Akmal’s rectum,” Muhammad Taslim, a spokesman for the
hospital, said.

“Scientifically chicken eggs cannot form inside the human
body. It’s impossible, especially in the digestive system,”
he added.

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