Boys will be boys? Mother of Ateneo student apologizes in behalf of her son’s actions

Mothers will always have their children’s back. However, when
it comes to their sons or daughters making mistakes, a mother’s
job is never to condone bad behavior but correct them.
Yesterday, as of writing, the mother of the
notorious Ateneo student apologized
on television on behalf of her son’s violent encounters.

Through an interview with 24
 the mother tried to
explain and defend her son, which is honestly what most mothers
would do. Besides her, the disgraced Atenean himself was able
to speak up and explain his side of the story.

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During the entire course of the interview, the faces of both
the mother and son were blurred, their identities were also
undisclosed. However, If you are an active social media user
and have seen the videos, you would know the name and the face
of this student. In their interview, the mother expressed:

I would like to apologize for the action of my son. Sa
nasaktan niya, sa school na na-drag man ang school sa isyu na
‘to. I apologize pero gusto ko ring hingin yung undertsanding
ng tao na bata itong anak ko eh.

Furthermore, Arnold Clavio gave the
accused the opportunity to explain himself and his actions.
According to his statement, what people saw on the video was
only half of what really happened, he claimed that it was
really self-defense. He said:

I was just defending myself. Hindi naman ako nam-[redacted]
for no reason. Para sa akin, hindi naman [redacted] ‘yung
ginawa ko because I was also defending myself naman eh, in a
way. Kaso nga lang in the video, mukhang ako talaga ‘yung mas

He also shared that prior to the content of the video inside
the school’s comfort room, he and the other student already had
an encounter. He said that the other boy challenged him to a
fist fight and somehow, he lost his temper. With the other
videos, he explained that he only had a slight misunderstanding
with his friend. He stated that after the “brawl” he and his
friend patched things up.

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With everything that went viral on social media about this
young boy and his official statement now, who will the people
start believing? And, when will the so-called victim in the
video give their own statement regarding the
issue? “24 Oras’” Mel
stated that they are doing the best they can
to get statements from the other students so until then, the
statements from the mother and her son are all we have.

Read some of the comments below:

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