Dropbox will now scan your existing images for text

Dropbox is
building automatic text recognition
into its service so
that you can search your documents even if they’re saved as
images like JPEGs or PNGs. Text will also be recognised in PDF
files if they contain scans or photographs of your document.
You’ll need to have one of Dropbox’s premium accounts to take
advantage of the new feature.

In the post announcing the feature, Dropbox said that over 20
billion image and PDF files have been stored on its service,
with between 10 and 20 percent of these consisting of photos of
documents. The company has previously used similar optical
character recognition technology to
scan text from its document scanner app
, but this
functionality will work on your existing files, regardless of
how they were added originally.

The new feature works with English text and is available now to
Dropbox Business Advanced and Enterprise users, and should be
available to Dropbox Professional subscribers in the coming
months. If you’re interested in reading more about Dropbox’s
OCR technology,
this blog post
is frighteningly detailed.

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