Ex-lovers meet after death in ‘Hintayan ng Langit’ trailer

Two elderly souls find each other in a depiction of purgatory
in the first trailer for “Hintayan ng Langit,” an entry to this
year’s QCinema International Film Festival.


Screen veterans Gina Pareño and Eddie Garcia portray Lisang and
Manolo, respectively, in the Dan Villegas-directed (“Changing
Partners,” “Exes Baggage”) adaptation of the one-act play
penned by Juan Miguel Severo.

In the original play originally staged at the 2015 2016 Virgin
Labfest, Lisang and Manalo are former lovers who went on to
marry different partners.

Dying two years apart, Manolo finds Lisang still at the
“waiting room,” yet to get her ticket to go up to Heaven.

While both in “Kalagitnaan,” Lisang and Manolo dredge up old
arguments, relive fond memories, and unravel secrets to each

“Hintayan ng Langit” is one of the six entries in the Circle
Competition of QCinema film fest, which will kick off its
week-long run on October 21.

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