Find out the reason behind the online brawl of Jamill and Lloyd Cadena

Online couple, Jayzam Manabat and
Camille Trinidad or more known as
Jamill,” has been one of the highest paid
YouTubers in the country. Because of their content, this love
team has been able to attract many viewers, especially
millennials. Like them, Lloyd Cadena is also a
well-known YouTuber here in the
Philippines. Both of them have an increasing
number of followers. That’s why recently, their feud definitely
shocked the public.

Many believed that their brawl started after Lloyd recreated
their controversial “3 AM challenge” on his
account. After this, the couple decided to throw shade at him
through an Instagram story.

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According to reports, their “3 AM challenge” made noise after
the couple did it at around 9 PM. Upon
uploading, many eagle-eyed netizens saw the actual time on one
of their phones. The public immediately called their attention
saying that they lied to gain views and likes. The couple chose
not to give their comments about the issue.

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A few days later, Lloyd also uploaded his own “3 AM challenge”
together with his friends. On his version, the comedian once
asked his friends to check the time if it’s still 9:40 PM. Many
netizens immediately thought that he was referring to Jamill’s
epic video. The public immediately laughed with him and had
teased the couple for faking their act. 


As a result, Jayzam immediately took his irritation on social
media and has decided to give him an indirect message. He said
that Lloyd is trying to ruin their reputation after they
refused to collab with him. Many people were not amused by his
behavior and have tried to reach out for Lloyd’s
reaction. The comedian immediately tagged the couple on
his post and said that they should directly tell him the

But early this morning, there have been claims that the two
have patched things up between them. Lloyd even took to his
Twitter that he has already talked to the couple and have
cleared things out. Netizens didn’t miss to give their
sentiments regarding the issue. Many of them believed that
Jamill has been arrogant and boastful.


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