For millennials in BPOs, quotas are a ‘hard initiation’: Alorica boss

MANILA — Meeting quotas may be a “hard initiation” for
millennials, who should learn how to ride with high performance
industries, the head of a business process outsourcing said

Alorica built its facilities in the Philippines, Japan and
South Korea to cater to millennials, “collaborative and in tune
with the times,” said the firm’s president for Asia, Bong

“Millennials on their first job, maybe they’re not used to it
yet. It’s probably a hard initiation for some of them, but I
think it’s not unique. Every high performance industry would
have those,” Borja told ANC’s The Boss.

“They’re not unfair quotas,” Borja said, when asked about
metrics for BPO workers.

Working the night shift, working on holidays and being at home
during the day and on weekdays when the rest of their family is
out remains the “primary” cause of attrition in BPOs, he said.

Borja said 2019 would be a “better year” for BPOs, having
absorbed higher taxes for top officials holding regional

Alorica Asia President Bong Borja speaks to Cathy Yang for
ANC’s The Boss.

Shareholders concerned about the possible removal of incentives
under the second tranche of tax reform, Borja said, adding,
“Our position has always been status quo.”

Filipino university graduates “are not immediately employable”
in high value jobs, which will require skills training, he

Alorica hires some 5,000 “seasonal” workers when demand peaks
towards the year-end, Borja said. Some get absorbed as full
time workers while some retain their per-project setup, he

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