Former lovers unexpectedly meet in “It’s Showtime”

Running into your ex after a breakup always seems like the
worst timing. As much as possible, ex-couples prefer to never
see each other again after ending their relationship. However,
faith has a way of twisting things for them just like what
happened to these former lovers. If it’s already awkward
to meet each other in a normal circumstance, imagine how more
would it be if you reunite on national television? Recently,
this ex-couple had an unexpected encounter on “It’s

The viewers learned about the couple’s tragic story when a
crying woman was caught on cam. This was after a “Miss
contestant opened up about her recent
breakup.  Although this bought the majority of the
audience to tears, the crying woman stood out among them.

Due to the curiosity of Vice Ganda,
he approached her to ask some questions. Apparently, the sad
woman happened to share a similar breakup story with the
contestant. She was still far from the process of moving on
especially when her boyfriend just broke up with her more
than a month ago.

Probinsyano’s” extras made our day

What’s more surprising was that she and her ex-boyfriend
were seated in the same audience row. Vice Ganda took this
huge coincidence as a chance to interview the former couple.
With the help of his co-host Amy Perez, they
tried to fish details about the breakup, but it seemed like the
ex-couple wanted to keep it private.

Meanwhile, the woman admitted in front of her ex and to all the
viewers that she still has feelings for him. She said:

Mahal ko pa eh. Mahal ko pa kasi.

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The ex-boyfriend made no response regarding her revelation.
Still, he apologized for their tragic breakup. Vice Ganda and
Amy prompted them to shake hands and gave them pieces of

The comedian reminded the woman that she has an option to get
out of her misery if she finally lets him go.

“Katulad niya na nag-let go na, mag-let go ka na rin. You
have to decide to be happy.”

Furthermore, he added that she should not forcefully fix their
broken relationship. Truly, it would be better if she would
listen to Vice Ganda’s words of wisdom especially when it comes
to love, relationships, and breakups.

Netizens also dropped their opinions about the sad story of the

Watch the episode below:

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PHOTO SOURCE:  1-21  YouTube



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