Get rid of Scars


Scars may be a result of surgery, weight loss, weight gain,
cuts, bruises, wounds and acne. It could be hard to live with
scars especially if you feel embarrassed of its presence.

Getting rid of scars or making it less visible is amazing
especially if you opt to use natural remedies such as:

• Aloe Vera – it soothes damaged skin and helps regenerate new
skin cells by boosting the healing process of the skin.

• Shea Butter and Coconut Oil – rich in antioxidant, these 2
can help reduce the appearance of scars. It’s also a good
moisturizer that keeps the skin nourished.

If you find yourself wanting to at least lighten a scar that is
too visible for your own liking, you can try Aloe Vera and Shea
Butter & Coconut Oil. Aside from that, skin nourishment is a
big plus as well such as—regularly taking Vitamin E.
Aside from skin care, Vitamin E also helps in maintaining the
functions of blood vessels, brain and nervous system. It
strengthens the immune system and promotes good eyesight.
Lastly, it helps in preventing cancer, heart disease and
It’s very simple to achieve healthier skin, especially now that
it is easier to find Vitamin E supplements. You just have to
make sure that you get at least 400IU of Vitamin E every day in
order to assure body and skin protection from the harmful
effects of free radicals that can damage skin cells. Not to
mention that the local Vitamin E supplement, Vita-E is now SRP
7.00 per soft gel capsule which makes it even more affordable
to get 400IU of Vitamin E daily!

Vita-E help keep your skin healthy and protected, go get yours
at Mercury Drug, they have it readily available!


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