Get to know the first housemates of the newest edition of “Pinoy Big Brother: Otso”

ABS-CBN’s “Pinoy Big Brother” has always been
one of the most anticipated reality shows of the
Kapamilya network. From its first edition in 2005,
this TV series has already produced big names in the media
industry. That’s why many hopeful Filipinos try their best to
enter the ever-famous, Bahay ni Kuya. Recently,
another batch has been introduced to the public. Last
November 10, “Pinoy Big Brother: Otso”, has
introduced their first newest housemates.

Seth Fedalin was the first lucky teen to enter
the reality show. Upon seeing him, many people can’t help but
gush upon seeing how cute he was.

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Like any other aspirants, he also joined PBB to try and help
his family. At such a young age, he dreams of giving his family
a much better and comfortable life. In fact, even before he
auditioned for the reality show, Seth has worked hard for his
family by helping maintain their small pool business.

Besides his loving personality, Seth definitely has the looks
of a celebrity. The public can’t help but compliment how
handsome he was, even if he’s only 16 years old. Many people,
especially women, has already fallen in love with him even
before his journey started.

Like him, Abi Abinal also joined the
competition to help his family. During his interview, this MMA
fighter admitted that his parents usually fight because of
money. Because of this, he was urged to enter the show business
and try his luck to win the grand prize.

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Another lucky housemate, Achilles Sumain, has
also shared his life to the public. From his chaotic childhood,
he found his peace and happiness under the love of his very own
grandmother. He also expressed his love for sports and music
which was adored by many viewers.

Last but definitely not the least was Rhys
Like his co-housemates, Rhys’ charm and
stunning features can’t be denied on the camera. Although he
grew up abroad, he was surrounded by the love of his Filipino
family. He also expressed his admiration for our culture and
how family oriented we are. According to him, he went back to
the country to try and start his own career and to help his
family financially.


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