Guy goes viral on Facebook after giving his 13th-month pay to his wife-to-be

It’s that wonderful time of the year again for all employees!
Christmas season in the Philippines also means receiving the
annual law-mandated 13th-month pay. It’s
when your one-year or however long you have been working will
be paid off, literally with cash.
On Facebook, a man posted explaining why
he gave his end of the year bonus to his wife-to-be.

Apparently, the original post went unexpectedly viral on social
media. They received plenty of comments saying that the girl
was lucky to have a guy who would do such a thing. On the new
post, the guy admits that it is most definitely the other way

another sweet picture with rumored boyfriend

On, Mikko Salva’s post, he explained:

Sinabi ko sakanya na kunin na niya lahat ng 13th month pay ko
at mag shopping siya. Dahil simula una palang siya na nag
bubudget sa mga income namin… hindi biro ang mag budget.

Mikko admitted that in their relationship, he was the lucky
one. His wife-to-be has been the one saving up and budgeting
their monthly income. They are currently saving for their
baby’s future and their future wedding. Besides that, they pay
for the needs of the baby, Mikko’s daily allowance, and give
their parents a fraction of what they were earning.

Furthermore, he said that the reason why he gave her the money
for shopping is that he wanted his girl to be able to buy
things she used to before they had a child. In his post, he

Ayoko kasing porke’t may anak na kami, napapabayaan na niya
yung sarili niya.

He even said that for a woman, it’s better to have a child but
look young than be young who look like they have a child.

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Naturally, the new post also attracted plenty of netizens. They
left comments saying how much they admire Mikko. Read some of
their comments below:

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