Holiday gift ideas: This quezo de bola spread is perfect for Noche Buena

Nanay Luisa’s Quezo de Bola spread. Handout

MANILA – What started as a family recipe is now available to
anyone who loves cheese.

Nanay Luisa’s Quezo de Bola spread is delicious in its
simplicity, and has become a staple on the Noche Buena table.

It is loaded with pure edam cheese and seasoned with a
well-balanced mix of pickle relish, pimiento, and mayonnaise,
resulting in a creamy sweet-savory spread.

Nanay Luisa’s Quezo de Bola spread can last up to three months
in the refrigerator, and is available in 80 grams (P150), 200
grams (P280), 400 grams (P540), and 850 grams (P1,100).

It can be ordered online via the brand’s Facebook, Instagram,
and e-mail accounts, or bought at selected Metro Manila
branches of All-Day Panaderia and Connie’s Kitchen, and at
Mindanao Butchers and Co. in Davao City.

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