‘I never said no’: Gabby still hopeful reunion film with Sharon will happen

Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion take a selfie on the set
of their TV commercial, which renewed talks about a
possible reunion movie. Instagram

Thirty-seven years. That’s how long ago it was when Sharon
Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion first starred on the big screen

The two were paired in the unforgettable 1981 movie, the Danny
Zialcita-directed classic “Dear Heart,” kickstarting the
decades-long obsession Filipinos had with their iconic

They became so embedded in pop culture that the movie’s theme
song, “Come What May,” became identified with them, rather than
with the music legends, Lani Hall and Herb Albert, who
originally performed the romantic tune. 

This Sunday, Cuneta and Concepcion will be among the many stars
who will perform at the Mall of Asia Arena for the grand
gathering of Gabay Guro, PLDT-Smart’s education advocacy now
celebrating its 11th anniversary.

Asked if they will sing a duet that will undoubtedly delight
the crowd, Concepcion smilingly said: “We have a standard song
that we will sing if that happens. You all know that. If ever,
we can also sing any song. Why not? Surprises are always good.
Even us, [we] don’t know what to expect.” 

In case the “Come What May” duet does not happen, Concepcion is
always open to simply introducing his ex-wife before Cuneta
comes out onstage. “We can talk about that. That’s

Early this year, the former couple reignited the interest of
millions of Sharon-Gabby fans when they appeared in a TV
commercial for a fast food chain, leading to exciting talks
about a reunion movie. 

“Timing is everything,” Concepcion maintained. “I never said no
to the project. There are many factors to consider. I hope we
can make the movie happen. We have been waiting for that.”

Concepcion remains optimistic that the movie will happen, even
if he admitted that they’re not in speaking terms. “We don’t
talk right now, but we will be once we get things together. I’d
like to do that movie. There’s a possibility that it will
happen. May bukas pa.”

Meanwhile, Concepcion is doing a film, “Man and Wife,” with
Jodi Sta. Maria, directed by Laurice Guillen. He is hopeful
that the film will get to be one of the official entries of the
Metro Manila Film Festival this December.

For the second year now, Concepcion has been supporting the
Gabay Guro project as one of the artists-volunteers of
PLDT-Smart’s education advocacy.

“My mom was a teacher,” Concepcion proudly said. “I feel very
much for the teachers. I believe in education,which is power
coordination as a nation building. I am saying this not because
I’m running for politics. I feel good when I see the happy
faces of the teachers when I perform for them.”

The Concepcion family had a Montessori school in San Juan, near
their house. That was where Concepcion’s mom taught children
for years. 

“She was there when I was growing up,” Concepcion said of his
mom. “The teachers are our first educators. With every
successful student, a successful nation is attached to that.
Hopefully, our children will bring our nation. Our future
generation needs all the help they can get.”

“I needed all the help I could get when I was growing up.
Fortunately, I have a mother who was first a mother, then a
teacher or vice versa. Everything that I learned, I learned
from kindergarten. Whatever that I do now, it was my foundation
growing up that I credit for everything.”

Organized as the biggest tribute for Filipino teachers, the
Gabay Guro event will feature other celebrity performers that
include Martin Nievera, Regine Velasquez, Ogie Alcasid, Randy
Santiago, Jaya and Christian Bautista, among others. 

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