Joshua Garcia ignores issue about private message with female fan

Image via Joshua Garcia’s Instagram account

  • Screenshots of alleged conversation of Joshua Garcia
    with a female fan circulated online
  • Joshua said he doesn’t want to pay attention to the
    issues and just focus on work
  • He admitted that he was annoyed and hurt by the

Fans of Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto love team, ‘JoshLia’,
were alarmed after screenshots of alleged conversation of
Joshua Garcia with a female fan with username @danerhea began
to circulate on social media.

The netizen, Dane Rhea Sillo, posted a photo on Twitter
where Joshua allegedly ‘DMed’ her, attaching her own post with
the words, “Art photo ??”, as disclosed by

A Twitter user, @cher198, shared the screenshots of the alleged
conversation online, showing Joshua’s message saying he wants
to see the girl in person. The user has already deleted the
tweets as of this writing.

Because of this, netizens criticized the actor and questioned
his loyalty to Julia.

Joshua said in an interview with
during a set visit of ABS-CBN’s TV series ‘The Good
Son’ in Tivoli Royale Clubhouse, Quezon City last Monday, that
as much as possible he doesn’t want to pay attention to the
issue and wants to only focus on his work.

However, he admitted that he is quite affected by the

“Nainis, na-hurt? Para sa akin, yes, pero wala na yun, tapos na
yun,” Joshua said. [Annoyed, hurt? For me, yes, but it’s fine
now, it’s in the past.]

When asked if he and Julia have discussed about the issue, she
refused to comment saying that he doesn’t need to answer and
that it is personal. Joshua thanked everyone who is supporting
him in everything that he does.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Julia and Joshua have unfollowed
each other on their respective Instagram accounts. But
some fans noticed that the two again returned to follow each
other on social media.

As a celebrity, Joshua accepts the fact that intrigues and
issues are part of their life.

“Oo, parte na yun, e, kailangan mong tanggapin,” he said. [Yes,
that’s part of it. You just need to accept it.]

Article originally posted: March 23, 2018, 3:02 am (UTC-0).
Last update: March 23, 2018 at 3:02 am (UTC-0).

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