K-pop playback: ‘Fire’ and other songs that turn 10 years old this 2019

The girl group 2NE1 reunited last week to celebrate their 10th anniversary. The group debuted in May 2009 with the song “Fire.” Photo from Instagram: @chaelincl

MANILA — Long-time fans of South Korean pop or K-pop were both thrilled and nostalgic after learning that the members of the now-defunct group 2NE1 got together Friday to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their debut.

In May 2009, the quartet released its first single, “Fire,” an edgy electronic pop and hip-hop song with an addictive hook.

That same year, K-pop continued to expand its reach outside Northeast Asia, to listeners across Asia and in other parts of the world. Many groups from this period, dubbed by fans as the “second generation,” paved the way for K-pop’s global recognition and remain relevant in the industry until this day.

On the occasion of 10 years of “Fire,” here are 9 other songs released the same year by iconic “second generation” acts. 

Even those who do not listen to K-pop may recognize some of these tracks as they infiltrated local airwaves back then.

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