Kris Aquino gets injured at home

MANILA – Kris Aquino left some of her followers worried after she shared on social media that she recently got into an accident at home.

In an Instagram post, Aquino posted a photo of her scathed arm after she fell off her bed.

“We already changed my bed to a lower one but after my morning shower I took a shortcut, stepped onto the bed, lost my footing and fell straight into the wooden breakfast tray,” she shared.

Aquino cried for help but nobody could hear her because the room is soundproof.

Fortunately, she was able to reach her phone to call for help.

“I called Bincai, she came in, saw me in a crumpled heap then 3 of them helped put me in a seated position to check if I had hurt anything badly,” she said.

“My lower right side arms up to my shoulder have scrapes, bruises, and swelling. Ribs hurt, left side of my neck feels sore & i feel a bukol in the back of my head,” she added.

Nonetheless, Aquino was able to lighten the situation, saying she knows “I’m Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Beautiful Disaster’ but as Ed Sheeran said, at least ‘hearts don’t break around here.’”

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