LOOK: Old jeepney driver gives free ride as Christmas gift to passengers

Truly, this year’s Christmas celebration just got more
meaningful after hearing the acts of kindness shown by people
to others. Days before Christmas came, a taho vendor went
viral when he gave out free taho around his neighborhood
despite the rainy weather. This time, an old jeepney
r gave the best ride after granting his
passengers free fare last December

While most people are bonding with their family,
netizen Prudence was on her way to work
early in the morning during Christmas day. To her surprise,
she received a heartwarming gesture from a stranger. As soon
as she rode the jeepney, the old driver greeted her a good
morning and of course,  a merry Christmas.

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Moments later, another passenger handed his fare to the
driver, However, the old man refused to accept the money. It
turned out that the jeepney driver gave them a free ride as
Christmas present! The kind driver told them:

“ALL MY PASSENGER IS FREE of Fare, that’s my
little christmas gift for everyone.”

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Prudence, who was just sitting right next to the
driver, was at awe with the benevolent act. She also learned
that it was not the first time that the jeepney driver did
it. For 14 years, he does not ask fare from passengers every
first trip of December 25th.

Although this might be far from the usual grand gifts
people receive every Christmas, this jeepney driver’s present
was truly a priceless way of sharing blessings and making
people smile.

Netizens saluted the jeepney driver for his generosity and

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SOURCE: Facebook
PHOTO SOURCE: 1-15 Facebook


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