Man in India killed after getting sucked into MRI machine

Images from India Today/ The Week

  • A man in India was allowed to walk into an MRI room
    carrying a cylinder
  • He was eventually pulled by the machine’s huge
    magnetic force
  • The victim was eventually pulled out but died minutes
  • Authorities have filed charges against staff
    responsible for the accident

A man in India died in a freak accident inside a hospital in
Mumbai on Saturday, January 27, reports the

The victim has been identified as 32-year-old Rajesh Maru who
was only visiting a relative when he was accidentally sucked
into an MRI machine at the BYL Nair Charitable Hospital.

Relatives said Maru was attending to an elderly relative who
was to undergo an MRI scan at the hospital. He was carrying an
oxygen cylinder when he walked into the room where the ward boy
allowed him to enter.

The ward boy allegedly told Maru he can carry the cylinder
inside and assured the MRI machine was switched off.

“When we told him that metallic things aren’t allowed inside an
MRI room, he said ‘sab chalta hai, hamara roz ka kaam
‘ (it’s fine, we do it every day). He also said that
the machine was switched off. The doctor as well as the
technician didn’t say anything,” a relative named Harish
Solanki was quoted as saying.

But as soon as Maru was inside, Solanski said it turned out the
machine was turned on. The cylinder immediately triggered the
machine’s monstrous magnetic field and pulled Maru and the tank
“with great force”.

The man’s hand and the cylinder both got stuck in the machine
and a massive oxygen leak quickly followed.

The ward boys managed to pull Maru out but he was already
bleeding and swollen. The victim was rushed into the emergency
room but died 10 minutes later.

Local authorities have charged the ward boys Vitthal Chavan and
Sunita Surve for causing death by negligence while a doctor
named Siddhant Shah had been arrested as the hospital
continue to conduct an investigation into the incident.

Article originally posted: January 31, 2018, 7:03 am (UTC-0).
Last update: January 31, 2018 at 7:03 am (UTC-0).

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