‘May mga tao na mas minabuti na huwag na lang’: Jessy on working with ex JM

If one were to ask her, she’s OK working with ex-boyfriend JM
de Guzman. But as Jessy Mendiola explained to
, she understands why some people aren’t too fond of
that idea. 

“Para sa akin, OK lang,” the actress said in an interview
during a press conference for her upcoming movie, “The Girl in
the Orange Dress,” an entry to this year’s Metro Manila Film

Mendiola added, however: “Pero may mga tao sa paligid ko na mas
minabuti na huwag na lang. OK na ‘yun. He’s doing well right
now and I’m just really happy for him.” 

De Guzman recently starred in the afternoon series “Precious
Hearts Romances Presents: Araw Gabi,” where his love team with
young actress Barbie Imperial drew a following. 

It was in 2015 when Mendiola and De Guzman broke up for good.
It was their second split following the one in 2013, which
happened two years into their relationship then. 

Mendiola, now dating Luis Manzano, shared that she’s still in
civil terms with De Guzman, whom she greeted on his birthday in

Mendiola was speaking at the press conference for “The Girl in
the Orange Dress,” the Quantum Films entry to the 2018 Metro
Manila Film Festival. She stars in the movie alongside Jericho

You can watch the trailer below: 


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