Microsoft is now a top five PC maker in the US thanks to Surface

Microsoft has broken into the top five PC makers in the US for
the first time. Market research firm
Gartner revealed today
that Microsoft now holds 4.1 percent
of the US PC market, edging out Acer for the fifth spot. It’s
the first time Microsoft has entered the top five in the US,
thanks to the company’s Surface devices.

While Microsoft has secured this top spot in the US, the
company still has some work to do before that position is
replicated worldwide. Both Acer and Asus are jostling for the
fifth spot worldwide, with Lenovo leading across the world.
Gartner and IDC
both agree that Lenovo is the top PC maker, but the two
research firms provide differing estimates for shipments
overall. Gartner says PC shipments increased by 0.1 percent in
Q3 2018, while IDC says they declined by 0.9 percent.

Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop

Dan Seifert /
The Verge

As always, these estimates differ due to key differences
between how Gartner and IDC count PCs. IDC’s data includes
Chromebooks and excludes Windows tablets and devices with a
detachable keyboard like the Surface Pro. Gartner counts
Windows-based tablets as PCs and excludes Chromebooks or any
non-Windows-based tablets.

The PC market still appears to be leveling out after six years
of decline, and following
signs earlier this year
that it could grow again in 2018.
There has been an increasing consolidation towards top PC
makers like Lenovo, HP, and Dell recently, with Apple, Acer,
and Asus all losing share of the market to others.

It’s clear now that Microsoft is taking a small slice of that
market share in the US, just as the company seeks to widen the
appeal of Surface with a new
Surface Pro 6
Surface Laptop 2
Surface Studio 2
, and
Surface Headphones
. The market share figures come just
weeks before Microsoft is due to report its Q1 2019 financial
earnings. Surface revenue jumped 25 percent to
$1.1 billion in the most recent quarter
, making Surface a
billion dollar business for Microsoft.

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