Move over, Catriona: ‘Beyblade turn’ goes viral

MANILA – “Catriona Gray is cancelledt.”

The pageant website Missosology jokingly declared this as it shared a video of an aspiring beauty queen doing what has been dubbed by netizens as the “Beyblade turn.”

Named after the Japanese spinning top toy, the “Beyblade turn” shows Koronadal City native Anton Jann Labiang flawlessly twirling three times on stage. 

The move was inspired by Gray’s “slow-mo turn,” which helped her win the Miss Universe crown in 2018.

Watch it here.

The video has gained a million views and has been reposted on various social media websites such as Twitter, prompting Labiang to express his gratitude to those who have been praising his take on Gray’s “slow-mo turn.”

“Thank you for sharing this,” he said.

Replying to other netizens, Labiang said all he wants is a chance to compete on a bigger stage and have an opportunity to meet beauty queens, including Gray.

“You made me do this,” he said in jest, tagging Gray’s Twitter account. 

Gray has yet to comment on the now-viral “Beyblade turn.”

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