Mystica exposes Niño Barzaga, Drew Olivar in Raffy Tulfo In Action

After her recent outburst against her online detractors on
Facebook, Mystica, or Ruby Rose
in real life, went to the popular radio
program Raffy Tulfo In Action to seek
help against social media personalities Niño
and Drew Olivar for ruining
her reputation.

The seasoned actress and performer asked Raffy
some legal advice about what she could do
against the above-mentioned online influencers who had been
tainting her name.

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Mystica’s Tirade Against Duterte

It can be recalled that Mystica previously posted a video
criticizing President Rodrigo Duterte. Her
expletive-filled rants against the then-presidential candidate
Duterte made waves throughout social media. Since then,
Mystica’s showbiz career went down the hill because of the
massive backlash from the public. She later apologized.

Mystica versus Niño Barzaga and Drew Olivar

So, what happened after she expressed regret over her
controversial upload? Based on her narrative, Mystica revealed
that there are still some people who use it against her like
Niño and Drew. She said that these people weaponize it against
her as a means of criticism.

According to her, Drew, who became infamous of his
“Pepedederelismo” video with resigned PCOO
Assitant Secretary
  Mocha Uson,
berated her against most recent viral videos about Coco
and Michael V. She even
exposed Drew and Niño for pulling a prank against her.

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Mystica revealed that they introduced themselves as talent
bookers to gain her trust. After earning her trust, Drew and
Niño called her while doing a live video on social media. They
humiliated her and said hurtful words towards her.

What Comes Next?

Upon hearing her stories, Raffy then reached to Niño via phone
interview. Niño defended himself but implicitly admitted
Mystica’s accusation against him. In the end, Raffy said that
what Niño did was wrong and that it has a corresponding legal
sanction. Meanwhile, Niño said that he’s ready for any
complaints that Mystica might file against him.

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Here are some of the netizens’ comments below:

Watch the video below:

Source: YouTube | PinasFact
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