Netizen slams woman in a jeepney ride for refusing to believe equality

Equality between men and women has always been a hot issue
through decades. Until now, women and feminist organizations
are constantly fighting for gender equality. Although they
already achieved a lot, there’s still a long way to go.
Unfortunately, there are still ladies out there who do not want
to support this movement.

This netizen shared his encounter with a woman who does not
believe in equality. On his viral post, he expressed his
disappointment to the woman he had an argument with during a
jeepney ride.

As seen in the photo he shared, the said woman sat on the
jeepney’s floor which she voluntarily did. Apparently, the
vehicle was already full but still she took her chances and
rode it. It turned out that she actually hoped that a man would
offer her a seat.

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To her utter shock, no one did so she loudly complained about
the “absence” of gentleman.

“Wala man lang sa inyong gentleman.”

Meanwhile, the netizen was quick to call out her inappropriate
action. He asked her whether she belonged to any of these
categories: pregnant woman, person with disability, or senior

Although she answered no, she insisted the fact that she is a
woman. It seemed like she believes that every woman is entitled
special treatment from the male population. However, it was
definitely opposite from the equality women are fighting for.

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The feminist side of the netizen took over and expressed what
equality should be. According to him:

“NO ONE should be given special rights & privileges based
on gender as this follows the logic that no one should be
discriminated based on gender.”

Their heated debate only ended when the woman stepped down from
the jeepney. Until the end, she refused to believe the equality
between genders. As she stepped down, she still brought with
her the feeling of entitlement as a woman.

Meanwhile, the only community has split opinions regarding the
incident. Some understood the woman’s situation while others
blamed her for riding a full packed jeepney.

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SOURCE: Facebook
PHOTO SOURCE: 1-15 Facebook


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