Regine Velasquez uploads Instagram photo showcasing the hard-earned savings of Nate Alcasid

When we were young, our parents taught us to handle our money
wisely. With our nostalgic piggy banks, kids tried to save as
many coins as they can to buy toys. It wouldn’t be surprising
that celebrities would also employ this tactic.
Regine Velasquez and Ogie
were recently commended when the public
found out that the couple taught their son
Nate to save!

The Asia’s Songbird recently
uploaded an adorable photo of their family on Instagram. It
showed the Mama and Papa Bear counting the numerous coins
that their child managed to save.

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Ogie and Regine patiently counted the total amount of
Nathaniel’s coins. Many of it has scattered on the floor
while some were stacked up inside a huge black box. Both of
them did their best to count these coins even though it took
so much of their time.

Of course, there’s nothing that parents wouldn’t do for their
child, especially if it’s to teach them great values.

Upon uploading the photo, netizens immediately praised the
couple for their excellent parenting. Some of them were happy
to see at how responsible their son was with money, even at
such a young age.

Netizens also said that they would also do the same to their
children in order to discipline them to save their own cash.

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Besides this news, Regine also recently made noise after she
attended the anticipated ABS-CBN Ball.
Rumors have sparked that the Kapuso artist will now transfer
to the rival network. Her attendance at the exclusive event
somehow gives the public a confirmation of these rumors.

In fact, there have been claims that she’ll sign her contract
with the Kapamilya network once she returns from her U.S.
tour this October. The 48-year-old star is currently hosting
GMA-7’s singing competition, “The Clash.”

Check out some comments given by netizens down below:

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