Ressence’s Type 2 smartwatch gets April release date and $48,000 price tag

Ressence’s Type 2 smartwatch, which Nest and iPod co-creator

Tony Fadell served
as a “tech coach” on, finally has an
price and release date
, via
. The good news is that it’ll be available
as early as April 2019. The bad news is that actually getting
your hands on one will cost you $48,800. That’s somewhat
typical for the brand, whose watches never cost less than
five-figures, but it’s a lot more than almost every other
smartwatch out there.

Although the cost is mainly justified by the Ressence’s status
as a luxury watch manufacturer, there are a few interesting
tech features in the Type 2 that are worth mentioning. The
first is a set of photovoltaic cells, which can automatically
recharge the watch when its 36-hours of battery life runs low.
When they’re not in use, these solar cells are hidden behind a
set of micro-shutters.

Then there’s the “e-Crown,” which looks a lot like another
watch complication but actually contains some pretty
interesting functionality. Up to two time zones can be stored
in the watch, and you switch between them by tapping once on
the face of the e-Crown. These time zones can be set either via
a physical lever on the back of the watch, or else via a
companion app that connects over Bluetooth.

The Type 2 is also able to self-adjust its time to the minute.
When you’re wearing it that means it keeps more accurate time
then a typical mechanical watch, and when you’re not it means
that the watch can stop ticking after 12 hours to save battery.
The company says that even after leaving it for months, you can
immediately start the watch up again by putting it on and
tapping the e-Crown.

Outside of keeping accurate time and being able to store two
time zones, that’s about as smart as the Type 2 gets. It’s
pretty neat, but we’ll leave it up to you to decide whether
it’s $48,800-worth of neat, or else as cool as the oil-filled
of the Ressence Type 3.

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