Take a look at Nash Aguas and Mika dela Cruz’s fun road trip

There’s no doubt that the relationship of Nash Aguas
and Mika dela Cruz just keep on getting stronger. In more
than a month of being together, everyone has been witnessing
their sweet moments which they proudly share online.
Recently, the young and wild couple showed us how exciting a
relationship can be as they went on a fun road trip.

Just like any other couple, it seemed like one of their
favorite bonding moments is driving to different places with
just the two of them. Mika shared on her Instagram stories a
music-filled ro
ad trip she did with her
boyfriend Nash.

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Both of them looked extremely happy as they sang their
heart out to the song that was playing on the car stereo.
Nash comfortably drove while jamming to the music. Meanwhile,
the Kapuso actress laughed at their crazy antics and filmed
it at the same time. Of course, such a sweet moment was truly
worth capturing.

The couple definitely had the best time of their lives
just by being together. On October 20, they officially
committed a romantic relationship after Nash courted Mika for
a year.

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However, their love was deep-rooted from the very
start. The young stars both came from the kid-oriented gag
show “Goin’ Bulilit” where they first met
each other. In an article from PEP, Nash admitted that Mika
was his childhood crush for six years.

Although their story started out as a puppy love, Nash
and Mika surely have a loving and genuine relationship right

Watch the videos below:

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SOURCES: Instagram | Philippine Entertainment

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