This guy’s in love with who? Check out this guy’s shocking love story

We can always trust the social media to give us the latest
happenings in the world right now. Be it bad or good, it will
always deliver what we need to know depending on our preference
and interest. More often than not, social media never fails to
entertain us with random videos. Just take a look at this viral
video on Facebook.

Recently, a footage uploaded by Maxine Jamie
immediately got the attention of the
Filipino netizens. It showed one of his male
classmates speaking in front of their class.

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As seen in the short clip, the man was narrating his romantic
experience with a woman. He revealed that the lady fell in love
with him but the man also said he grew tired of her.

“Na-fall po sa akin iyong babae, Ma’am. Hindi ko naman po
sinasadya na ma-fall siya sa akin, Ma’am. Pero ang sa akin
lang, ginawa niya po lahat ng makakaya niya, eh.
Nagpapapansin po siya sa akin araw-araw. Tapos nagch-chat pa
po sa akin.”

Because he wasn’t feeling it anymore, the man revealed that
there came a point where he even blocked her on social media.

“Mayroon din po na times na bino-block ko na rin po siya.
Na-block ko na po siya. Nangungulit na po siya. Kahit iyong
mga kaibigan niya rin po. Kinukulit na rin po ako sa
Instagram, sa Twitter, sa Facebook, sa Viber.”

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In the end, the man unexpectedly revealed the plot twist of his
hilarious narrative. He confessed that he immediately fell in
love with the woman’s mother.

“Ano po iyon, minsan kinausap na rin po ako ng nanay niya.
Ano po… Pinag-aayos po kami, Ma’am. Pero ayoko ko na sa
kanya. Ayoko ko na po talaga, Ma’am. Kasi ang gusto ko po
iyong nanay niya.”

Although we really tell if it was just a joke or not, his silly
anecdote really gave a lot of netizens a good laugh. As of this
moment, the viral Facebook video already garnered thousands of
views, reactions, comments, and shares.

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Watch the viral Facebook video below:

Source: Facebook
Image Source: 1 – 15 Facebook 

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