Tweak ‘Lupang Hinirang’? Vice Ganda proposes to revise other songs instead

A folk tune that encourages “human trafficking,” a song about a
worthless policeman, and a nursery rhyme that should have ended
with the positive message of promoting “second chances.” 

Vice Ganda listed down on “It’s Showtime” some songs that
should have its lyrics changed, the TV host’s apparent shot at
Senate President Vicente Sotto III’s proposal to replace the
last line of the national anthem.

The comedian began by saying that the “ang mamatay nang dahil
sa iyo” line is “beautiful” because it shows that Filipinos
“are willing to fight and die for our country.” 

Instead of changing that, he quipped that the Senate should
look at old folk tunes such as “Sitsiritsit Alibangbang,” which
bafflingly suggest that trading a kid for a doll and bagoong is

“Wala na ba kayong pagpapahalaga sa buhay ng kabataan? Buhay
iyon eh, regalo mula sa langit,” he joked. “Dinala sa
sinapupunan ng siyam ng buwan ng isang magiting ng ina.”

“Paglabas ng sanggol, ipagpapalit ninyo sa bagoong? Iyon ang
palitan ninyo, huwag iyong ‘ang mamatay nang dahil sa

He added that the final part of “Leron Leron Sinta” should be
changed to better reflect the message of not giving up, and
called for the firing of the worthless cop in “May Pulis sa
Ilalim ng Tulay.” 

Vice Ganda also said that the Senate should focus on more
pressing issues such as rising prices of basic goods and
traffic, rather than on trivial matters. 

It was last Wednesday when Sotto said that he wants to tweak
the original final lyrics of “Lupang Hinirang” with what he
says is a less defeatist line, “ang ipaglaban kalayaan

Senate President Tito Sotto drew flak for his suggestion to
replace the national anthem. ABS-CBN News

He did appear to
reel back in
his proposal after hearing the negative
feedback, writing on Twitter a day after: “Maraming mahina
intindi-miento. Ayaw niyo? Huwag!” 

He maintained, however, that he supports Joey Ayala’s version
of the national anthem, which featured a different last

Ayala sang “ang magmahal ng dahil sa’yo,” instead of “ang
mamatay nang dahil sa’yo to.”

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