Vietnamese website lists Zia Dantes among ‘most beautiful kids’ of Asian celebrities

She didn’t post a lot outside of her endorsements on Instagram before, but that changed ever since Marian Rivera became a mother. 

Around two weeks ago, sandwiched between a post about her floral business and a milk she endorses, she shared a heartwarming photo of her and her daughter, Zia, about to kiss, saying that “nothing beats” hearing your child tell you that she loves you.

This increased exposure for Zia has led to some foreign websites taking notice at just how pretty Rivera’s daughter with Dingdong Dantes is — including a popular one based in Vietnam. 

Kenh14, one of the most-read Vietnamese websites aimed at teens, published a list compiling the “most beautiful children” of Asian celebrities recently and it featured Zia.

A translation provided by a fansite dedicated to Rivera and her family claimed that Kenh14 described Zia as having a “extremely perfect face” and is a “little angel” that could follow in her parents’ footsteps.

Zia was the only Filipina included in the list. 

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