Viral daughter thanks everyone who donated nebulizer for her father

Social media truly have its moments. At times
you see people use their Facebook,
or Instagram accounts for
their own selfish reasons. However, there are also moments
wherein they use it for good, like for example, to help other
people. This was what happened to the family of a warm-hearted
daughter named Catherine.

Catherine and her father’s story went viral on Facebook just
weeks ago. This was after a netizen posted a photo of Catherine
using an air pump as her father’s nebulizer.
This is to help him with his
illness, emphysema. The photo instantly
got much attention that even a huge media network went to
feature their story.

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On October 8, 2018, GMA-7’s “Front Row”
featured the heartbreaking story of the
Cadiente Family. Because of the big media
exposure, from both television and social media, their family
was able to receive plenty of blessings for people all over the
country. Many were able to send nebulizers and underwears for
Catherine and her siblings.

Now, all the family needs to worry about is the father’s
medicine. Which some generous-hearted people can still send

A new photo of Catherine and her father went viral. This time,
instead of a heartbreaking one, it’s very touching. Right below
the first photo that went viral, was a photo of Catherine
smiling how a 6-year-old should. She was holding one of the
items she received while her father uses his new nebulizer.
They were also surrounded by everything the people donated for

Thanks to the donations, Catherine can now play like a child
without having to worry about his father’s nebulizer.

For people who want to continue helping them, here’s where you
can send money or contact them:

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This story makes us realize how powerful social media can be.
Because of it, a daughter was able to share her father’s story.
Because of it, people were able to help out a family who
doesn’t have enough means to have an ordinary life. If we only
realize how powerful it is, maybe instead of sending criticisms
to the world, we start doing more for others.

Read the netizens’ reactions:

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