‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’ Airs on ABS-CBN

Korean superstars Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young will send
hearts aflutter as their hit romantic comedy series “What’s
Wrong With Secretary Kim” begins airing on ABS-CBN this Monday
(September 24) after “Halik.”

Seo Joon is Ivan Lee, a narcissistic Vice President of the
Yumyung Group, one of South Korea’s wealthiest companies, while
Min Young is her legendary secretary, Mariel Kim.

Ivan is what people describe as the perfect boss: rich,
handsome, and dresses well aside from being the smartest young
businessman around. Supporting him in all his meetings however,
is Mariel, the perfect secretary who is always prepared for
anything and everything Ivan wants or needs to be done.

Their perfect work life takes a tumble when Mariel decides to
finally let go of the job she has held for nine years to live
her own life. Ivan gets taken aback and tries to do everything
in his power to convince Mariel to think about her resignation,
especially with a perfect boss like him.

But what if they start falling in love? Will this be the reason
for Mariel to stay by Ivan’s side?

Don’t miss the debut of “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” this
Monday (September 24) right after “Halik” on the first and true
home of Asianoveas, ABS-CBN.

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