Who’s more ‘boy crazy’? Sisters Anne, Jasmine point fingers

Celebrity sisters Anne Curtis and Jasmine Curtis-Smith agreed
more than they argued in a quiz of tendencies and traits where
the only answers were both their names.

Among the questions were which of them is more stylish, more
“pikon,” more likely to pick a fight, or more likely to max out
her credit card.

When they were asked who is more “boy crazy,” Jasmine readily
showed Anne’s name. Cringing and though hesitantly, Anne put up
her own name as well.

“Uy, before ‘yun, ah!” she clarified. “Before I was married!”

On the topic of tidiness, Jasmine protested when Anne
identified her as being the messier one. “That’s a lie!”
Jasmine said, drawing a teasing laughter from Anne.

Asked to pick the “better sister,” the two answered each
other’s names. “For each other,” Jasmine said, before they
formed a heart shape with their arms.

The quiz was part of the sisters’ feature in the lifestyle
platform Metro.Style, where they talk about their relationship,
shared fashion, careers, and love.

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